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A Dozen Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs – Happy Easter 2019

Do you want to roll your egg around the table as you try to decorate it? Cut the tube from the inside of a roll of toilet paper or paper towel into short pieces. Stick the piece on the table to stand up. Place the egg on the tube during decorating. When it dries, turn the egg and color the base. You can also place the egg back in the box while it dries.

Easter crafts for children and adults

Color eggs a solid color. Pour acrylic paint onto a disposable plate. Dip the end of a pencil eraser into the paint and dot the egg. Start by using the lightest desired color and then wipe the paint away to switch to darker colors.

Apply small patches to an egg. Overlap if desired. Paint or paint the entire egg. When the color dries, pull the bandage off.

Color an egg. When dry. Pour acrylic paint onto a disposable plate. Dip the ends of the hairs of an old toothbrush into the paint and then tap the surface of the egg.

Color the egg. Dip a toothpick in acrylic paint or glitter glue and draw fine patterns with the tip of the toothpick.

Glitter Easter Eggs

Cut strips of 1/8 "wide double-sided tape and wrap around the egg Pour fine glitter into a bowl and roll the egg into the glitter after you have removed the protective layer Clean excess glitter with a clean, dry paintbrush If desired, add another strip of tape to roll the egg into another color glitter.

Use a punch to cut shapes from a double-sided adhesive sheet. Remove one side of the back and attach it to the egg. When you are done with your design, remove the other side of the support and then roll the egg in glitter.

Dab with a damp sponge white glue on the egg. Roll the egg in glitter.

Tape and more to decorate Easter eggs

Use a punch to cut forms of mailing labels. Attach to the egg. Baptism in a light dye. Leave the stickers in place. When the dye dries, add new stickers and immerse yourself in another dye. Let the egg dry completely and then remove all stickers.

Make stripes with Japanese washi tape over the egg.

Cut ¼ "pieces of Japanese washi-tape in different patterns that share the same color family, put over the egg, overlapping for a collaged effect

Easter eggs coloring

Coloring egg a solid color and let it dry. Use small plastic stencils that can bend around the curve of the egg. Brush with a sponge brush through the template opening. Use a felt tip to add details.

For coloring Easter eggs multiple colors, cut strips or forms of electrical tape. Apply to the egg and immerse in the paint. When the dye dries, add more strips or shapes and immerse yourself in a different, darker color. Repeat a third time, if desired. If the paint is dry, carefully remove all tape.

Remember, if you use acrylic paint or other art material that is not labeled as edible, avoid serving those eggs. You can also decorate wooden eggs to make an Easter Keepsake and keep your artwork.

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