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UK USA CANDA Holy Friday, Good Friday 19 April 2019

About Us

Welcome to our website! We are super excited that you have decided to learn more about us and this website. Not that I want you to read some long and drawn out story about us but we do want you to understand our goals with this website and our goals with our own personal online businesses. Hopefully these stories inspire you to begin building your online business. Above all, it is not our goal to have all the answers, to guarantee any sort of outcome, but to at least highlight to you as a reader our story and what has worked in our quest to be an online entrepreneur.

About us

It was 2005/2006 and we started to learn web design, how to use Blogger, and other online web development skills. By no means was we an expert and we certainly was not a computer science major in college. Nevertheless, we found ourself intrigued by building websites but really had no plan. For example, one of our earliest websites was built completely on the blogger platform and it was a blog about college. We posted on the blog and kept posting on the blog and then found ourself getting bored with the subject. Fast-forward six months and we decided to check it out again. Upon checking out the blog that we created, we noticed we was getting considerable traffic to multiple pages on the blog. Oddly enough, it was at that point that we understood the value of creating a true online business and having a plan. If we could offer something of value to readers and they sought out information that we could offer, this would allow us to share expertise with readers while also having the freedom to continue to generate that content.


When we created this website we had the singular goal of helping others. Given that any online business focuses on a niche and requires a website we decided to focus on the event base website. This website is important because it allows individuals to think outside the box and to understand that there are many different niches out there that can allow you to become an online entrepreneur.

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