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Easter Poems and Poetry 2019 – Inspirational Poems

Free, religious Christian Easter poems, words, messages, poetry, verses and sayings. Christian poems about Easter for children. Short and long inspirational Easter Sunday poems and songs for church. This spiritual Easter poem on Jesus Christ is an Easter resurrection poem.

Easter Poems and Poetry:

A Collection of Easter Poems and Poetry from the most Famous Poets and Authors.


Short Poetry for Easter:

Easter Is a Time of Love:

Easter is a time of love,
A time of death and pain undone,
So we may know the power of
The love that lives in each one.
Each love we feel, unstained and free,
Redeems us-as with you and me.

His Love:

God sent His Son to take the punishment
For all the thoughtless, sinful things we do;
Jesus gave his life because He loves us;
His love is boundless, sweet, forever true.

On Easter morn He showed He is our Savior;
His resurrection proves He is our Lord.
That is why we tell you, “Happy Easter!”
He secured our heavenly reward!

An Easter Blessing
Bless this day the joy of life,
The revelation of the flesh,
The paradise of man and wife.

The Easter Bunny:

With a hip
and a hop,
kids don’t want
the Easter fun to ever stop!

Finding the brightly colored
Easter eggs carefully hidden and lain
and eating all of the Easter goodies
that Grandma has made!

Did you happen to see
the big bunny with the pink and white ears?
That means
that Easter is finally here!

Even Though the Earth is Sunk in Sadness:

Even though the Earth is sunk in sadness,
And all its children know that they will die,
Serenity like music calms this madness,
Touching us with truth that needs no eye.
Each soul in fear and trembling waits to see
Reason drown in one last ecstasy.

Christian Easter Poems:

On Easter, all Christians exchange gifts and cards to greet one another. They are one of the potent mediums to express emotions and convey wishes. A great way to add that special touch to the cards and gifts would be to include short Easter poems. The poems can be either religious to be given to your parents or friends or could a funny one for a child. Short poetry expressing personal sentiments are always welcomed by all. Moreover, short poems do not have the risk of being too dull, monotonous or heavy. Anybody who is not much interested in such an endeavor will also appreciate it because a few terms can say it all. Go through the lines to find some brief poems for Easter.

Easter Joy

Jesus came to earth,
To show us how to live,
How to put others first,
How to love and how to give.

Then He set about His work,
That God sent Him to do;
He took our punishment on Himself;
He made us clean and new.

He could have saved Himself,
Calling angels from above,
But He chose to pay our price for sin;
He paid it out of love.

Our Lord died on Good Friday,
But the cross did not destroy
His resurrection on Easter morn
That fills our hearts with joy.

Now we know our earthly death,
Like His, is just a rest.
We’ll be forever with Him
In heaven, where life is best.

So we live our lives for Jesus,
Think of Him in all we do.
Thank you Savior; Thank you Lord.
Help us love like you!

By Joanna Fuchs

Easter Love

On Easter we celebrate love,
love coming down from heaven,
love blanketing the earth
in a transforming embrace;
unique and infinite love,
giving more than we can imagine
for us, to cleanse our sin,
a perfect sacrifice, Lamb of God,
the walking, talking Word.
He is teacher, role model, friend,
this God in human form,
dying, then rising from the dead,
proving all who believe
will also rise
to have eternal life, with Him,
Lord of all.
Oh, Happy, Happy Easter!

By Joanna Fuchs

Easter Inspirational Poems:

Easter is the best time of the year to take inspiration from others and to inspire others. It is the day, which celebrates the resurgence of Jesus in the world. It signifies that no matter how much the wrong-doer might flourish and grow, good usually presides over evil. It makes the individuals believe in the power and authority of the Almighty. Thus, if you want to make your near and dear ones understand the purpose of life and good things around, there can be no other better medium than inspiring poetry. On this event of Easter, when everybody sings the glory of the Lord and is more ready to look at the brighter side of things, inspirational poems can really help in molding opinions and the way of life. Explore some of the motivation poems that can be recited on Easter.

Without Easter (By Joanna Fuchs)
Without Easter,
there would be no hope of heaven.
Without the hope of heaven,
there would be no repentance,
no personal transformation,
no attempt to follow biblical principles. Without Easter,
the world would be in chaos
and darkness.
Jesus’ death and resurrection
means we can be reborn,
to live better, to do better,
to shine light into the shadows.
Happy, Happy Easter.

Easter Space (by Paul Francis Mc Cann)
Easter is always a time for revelation.
I wish you encouragement and inspiration.

May the emptiness of Good Friday
Be refilled by the promise that Easter morning has fulfilled.

May the joy of Easter morning be a kind light,
May the peace of Easter shine around you at night.

May this peace and joy fill the hearts of all you know,
Filling empty places wherever they may go.

Easter Time (By William F. Hefner)
Easter time is here again
And bunnies everywhere,
Don’t salute, a substitute,
There is no holy hare.

So colored eggs and jelly beans,
Don’t mean a bunny thing,’
Cause bunnies do, what bunnies do
And have no gifts to bring.

So Easter Time’s, the time to know,
A lie could not survive
And here’s the proof.

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