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UK USA CANDA Holy Friday, Good Friday 19 April 2019

Best Movies to watch on Good/Holy Friday

Here are few Good Friday movies which everyone must watch on holy or Good Friday week. 5 movies to remind us what Jesus, Good Friday and Easter all about.

The passion of the Christ:

I’m starting the list of best holy or good Friday movies list with my all time favorite movie. I really like this film, it suggests that how he suffered for our sins. However i want to tell every visitors that, love him not most effective because he suffered but love him because he cherished us first and due to that love he suffered for us. So love him, obey him, be faithful to him… Amen.
I without a doubt cherished the film after watching it i without a doubt experience that he is the king of all kings and had genuinely changes my view on god.

The Passion of Christ: Good Friday Movie

Good Friday Movie

This is the most moving of all the movies about Christ. I do not typically cry when watching a movie, however this became intestine-wrenching, because it absolutely changed into. To realize that Christ walked into this knowing what would show up truly rips our hearts out. And if we believe Jesus turned into the Christ, but also absolutely MAN, then the struggling had to be actual.

Otherwise, he did not really feel the ache and struggling and then the whole factor of the crucifixion is lost. So, gory and bloody and horrible as depicted, it desires to be for us to even begin to understand the sacrifice made by way of the father–to submit his beloved son to together with this–because of god’s love folks. The most effective scene for me turned into Christ stumbling and seeing his mom Mary, announcing to her that “i make all matters new.” i used to be a Christian from adolescence, however this line added me returned to the point. I want to observe this every time i sense myself slipping.
This movie made me to cry! No other movie has done that!

Jesus of Nazareth:

This film is incredibly true to what Jesus should really were like. The spirituality, gentleness, goodness and compassion that Robert Powell initiatives are spellbinding. In scenes like the ceremonial dinner in Matthew’s residence, wherein Jesus tells the tale of the eight beatitudes, and within the sermon at the mount, it’s far like seeing and hearing Jesus himself speak. In the course of the movie, the casting is fantastic – i suppose mainly of peter, john and Mary Magdalen; however even the lesser elements are played with absolute conviction. This is one of the excellent films made, by means of any requirements, and for a Christian, looking it’s miles a genuinely religious experience.

Jesus of Nazareth: Good Friday Movie

Good Friday Movie

This is my favorite film about Jesus, as it covers his entire lifestyles (dying resurrection) in wonderful detail. It suggests his dating with his fans, his mother, and his disciples. It’s excellent for kids to watch too! A remarkable circle of relatives film to observe leading up to excellent Friday easter Sunday.
It focuses also on the teachings of Jesus and his phrases of understanding as well as his miracles in place of just his dying and resurrection. It can be a piece lengthy however it’s properly well worth the watch.

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King of kings:

King of Kings: Good Friday Movie

King of Kings is also a great movie to watch in holy Good Friday week. That is the sort of high-quality movie. It showed he turned into man. Even showed anger. This movie drew you in may want to feel his emotions. The actor who played the function of Jesus confirmed every feeling through his eyes. If you don’t have a deep love and compassion for our lord you’ll after this movie.
I really like king of kings!


Despite the fact that this film has a few correct factors, it’s far in the long run blasphemous. I have watched it two times now, and have been sufficiently stunned to determine not to accomplish that again.

Jesus: Good Friday Movie

Good Friday Movie

Jeremy sis-to is nicely chosen: he appears the element and is sweet, gentle and loving; but he is at the mercy of unsuitable directing and a trivializing script wherein words from the bible which everybody is aware of, are abbreviated and modernized, losing a whole lot in their meaning inside the technique.

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In seeking to gift Jesus as an normal man, the movie is going too some distance, and the end result is that he seems as a downbeat, happy kind, who’s even capable of committing venial sins. It is very incorrect to show him as able to petty inflammation, as when he wrestles with tools and throws them approximately after the loss of life of Joseph (rather than his using sinful traders from the temple, which is carried out in a spirit of righteous anger). Extra than once, he is also proven dancing wildly, that’s incompatible with the respect of Jesus.

Visible bible: gospel of john:

Visual Bible : Good Friday Movie

Good Friday Movie

That is the greatest tale and film ever informed approximately our lord Jesus Christ, the lord of lords and king of kings and actual lover of all mankind. The movie become the handiest verse by means of verse of the greatest book within the bible, the book of john. The actors were anointed. In reality lord Jesus is the savior and lord of the sector. Terrific movie! Just love the way the actor portrays Jesus’ character.
I suppose the actor did nicely in this. Equal actor changed into nominated someday in 90s. Now not looking for the best graphic however the overall performance makes up for it. The first-class I’ve seen. Henry Ian knocked it out of the park!

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What did you think of our list of good Friday movies? Do you have any other suggestion which you think should be in our list. Let us know in below comments.

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