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UK USA CANDA Holy Friday, Good Friday 19 April 2019

The Start of the Holy Week – The Palm Sunday – Good Friday 2019 April 19

In the Christian calendar Sunday is one of the most vital days of the week. It symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ that takes place on Easter Sunday and it is also the day that begins the holy week that is on Palm Sunday.

The good Friday 2019 is near and so is the palm Sunday. But the Palm Sunday first takes place earlier than the White Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and Easter Sunday.


The celebration of Palm Sunday can be traced again until the fourth century, when it originated in the Jerusalem church. The ceremony during today consists of prayers, sermons and hymns. The clergy are those who give the sermons. The people are also strolling around the metropolis. The final website is the place where Jesus ascended to heaven. There are also some recitations that people do. People carry palm, which is the most important image of the day

The custom to celebrate the Palm Sunday was then tailor-made by Constantinople in Turkey and the Western churches.

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The Palm Sunday is known for commemorating the coming of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem to rejoice the Passover. According to the Gospels, Jesus entered the metropolis while using a donkey. Crowds reward him and unfold their cloaks while holding palm branches.

Back in these cases, kings and nobles are normally those who experience an ass. Donkeys are also symbols of peace. Moreover, the waves of palm branches mean the triumphant arrival of a king in space or land.

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The Palm Sunday festival normally begins with a procession adopted by a mass. There are usually sellers of palms on the outside or around the church buildings from where individuals purchase these palms to be reintroduced on their own properties. Some people are of the opinion that placing the palm at the door of their house will repel all evil

Truly, Palm Sunday is close and so is the Good Friday 201 8. These are certain days of the holy week that must be celebrated to the utmost. Prepare your time and plan it so that you can maximize the celebration.

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